Walmart Freebie

Took an out of town trip and scored free juice!
FYI Walmart doubles coupons that are under .99. 


Simple Juice $.100
- .55 coupon (doubles to $1.10) 
 = $.10 overage (you have to get something to fill that overage. I got a couple and throw in some gum) 


I found these coupons at a gas station we stopped at during our trip.

.58 Total!!

My goal is to help you see that couponing is not very hard. And it can save you tons of money. I'm going to try my best to post a couponing haul or tip once a week. (Keyword here is TRY!)

Last week I went to RiteAid after I seen some of my fav Instagram couponers post a easy couponing deal. Here's what I got:

Transactions #1 

1 Olay Bar Soap 2pack @ $3.79
1 Olay Bar Soap 2pack @ $1.49
(Buy one get one free)

Paid $5.29 plus tax.
Got back $5.00 in +Up Rewards

+Up Rewards is basically RiteAid money you can use on just about anything else in RiteAid after 6AM the following day.

I did this same transaction again the following day here's how how I did it:

Transaction #2 

1 Olay Bar Soap 2pack @ $3.79
1 Olay Bar Soap 2pack @ $1.49
(Buy one get one free)

I gave the cashier the $5.00 +Up Rewards from yesterday's transaction.

Paid $0.29 plus tax.
Got back $5.00 in +Up Rewards

See simple & cheap!!