30 Day Blogging Consistency Challenge

If you're on social media then you had to have noticed all the "30 day challenges lately. Especially on Instagram. 

30 Days to a Stronger You Challenge
30 Day Mindset Challenges
30 Day Love Yourself Challenge
30 Day Hair Care Challenge

Oh and the list goes on! 

I can't stand it. I know it has a lot to do with building a habit of consistency (something I'm desperately lacking).  But geesh is there a different way we can come about building this needed habit? 

I'm really being a pain, because today marks day 30 of the "30 Day Blogging Consistency" challenege I've been on.

But you say Britt, if you hate it so much why did you go on the challenge.

Becaus. I've been trying to be better about blogging. I went in this challenge blindly and I fell hard. 

Here is where I went wrong: 

  1.  Lack of planning
    I wish I took a day to brainstorm a list of at least 5-10 topics to blog about. Just thinking of topics at 11 am for a post that is due at noon is no bueno.  Having a running list of topics would have saved me so much time and headache. 
  2. Worrying about pretty pictures
    I'm a slight perfectionist. I want my blog post to look pretty before hitting publish. Taking the time to find the "right" photo took me about 30 minutes to an hour (ridiculous) and then it took me another 30 minutes to edit it to fit the style of my blog. 
  3. Not posting on time
    This was a big disappointment for me. I am a stickler about time and being punctual and I just could not get this one right.

I fell off my challenge more then I am happy to admit. So where do I go from here? 

I plan to take off this Sunday to restructure how and when I post. I really like that my blog has grown over the last 30 days and I want to continue to see that growth.  Instead of making daily post I think I will be posting 3 days per week. Two during the week and one couponing post on the weekends. This way I can be consistent, see growth in my blog and focus on or quality content.

I hope you continue to join me as I offer up tips about making money via side hustles, actor tips, web series tips anything else that evolves my life.