$1000 Survey?

Yesterday I got a call to do a $40 taste survey. When I arrived there was a ton of people in the waiting room. Personally, I have never seen it this way before at this particular location. 

I signed in and stand out in the overflowing hallway. 

I didn't mind because as I told you back in my post "Make More From Your Side Hustle " I love spotting out and talking to participants who are regulars. 

It wasn't long before someone came up to me and started a small conversation about how crowded it was. I agreed and proceeded with my all time information seeking question

"Do you do these often?" 
"Yes" he said in a low and stand offish tone. 

I  assured him he had nothing to worry about. I didn't work for the company and that there was no way I would be competing with him. 

"I'm a black, 20 something year old female there is now way we would be competing for a survey since they pick via gender, age, race and whole bunch of other things." 

He laughed and released a company that I have never heard of and said he once walked out of a survey $1000 richer.

What?? Are you serious?

 As soon as he said that, like luck would have it he was called in to take his survey. I couldn't ask follow up questions or anything. I googled the name and came up with nothing. 

Had I heard him wrong? 

Possibly since he was whispering like we were being spied on. 

Was he lying?

Possibly, but for what reason?

I'm determined to fiigure it out. I will continue to do my research and report back to you on a later date.