Additional Money Makers

Yes! I have more side hustles for you all! The following list of programs is a little more difficult to get into. There are very specific requirements to get into these programs but the payoff is pretty nice!

Here are 5 Additional Money Makers:

  1. Standardized Patient Program - You are trained to portray the personal history, physical symptoms, emotional characteristics and everyday concerns of an actual patient for new doctors. Most Patient Programs are held by medical schools, so you should Google the medical school nearest you. Program's typically pay $15-$20 per hour. This is not a regular job you are called in on a semi - per diam bases. I have a number of friends who are apart of programs like this and they say they love it!
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program - If you have a blog, YouTube page or a decent following on social media apply to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Mention the products or equipment you use in your videos, on your blog and/or on social media and link them to your Amazon store. Equipment you would link: camera, microphone, makeup (beauty bloggers), phone etc. Payment varies per item sold.
  3. - This side hustle is great for YouTubers & Bloggers with bigger followings (1000+ subscribers). Companies like, Shoedazzle etc send you products via and you as the YouTuber/Blogger create a video promoting their items. The company pays you for it + you keep the product or service. 
  4. Arbitron /Nielsen Rating- This side hustle is one of the most difficult programs to get into. Aribitron which is now Nielsen is the ultimate ratings TV & radio company. Once you're in they will send you a small diary to track what you listen to on the radio or watch on TV. You send the diary back to them and you're paid monthly. Simple! 
  5. - Have you ever been in Costco or Sam's Club and received a sample of a new item on the market? Those people giving out samples typically do not work for the store they are hired outside to sell new products. Encore Nationwide is on of the many companies who hire out-going people to sell brand new products. If you're personable and a true sells person this side hustle is for you. 

The side hustles mentioned available are not jobs and will not paid your car note or mortgage they will paid a bill or two.