I'm having a baby...

...I'm not having a real baby but...

I've created this amazing web series and I'm watching it grow right before my eyes!


If your following me on my Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts then you may already know my web series "Coming Home" is coming soon! The sneak peek drops on Thanksgiving Day and I can not be more excited, nervous and busy all at once. The web series follows the main character Mahogany (Played by me!) as she struggles with remaining faithful to her man while he is serving time in prison. To get up to date info about the series please follow, like friend, and/or subscribe below. 

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/user/DopeEgoTv
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DopeEgoTv
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ComingHome_Tv
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ComingHome_Tv