Mock Trial New Members Needed

If you have a Bronx or Manhattan address on your ID, available next Friday and never work on a mock trial You Focus Plus is looking for you! 

Here is the email I received this morning.


"All Day Mock Trial that will last from 8am until 7pm on, Friday Sept 25th pays $250.

 I am looking Specifically for:

Men and Women ages 18-44 and over 65 years old.  You MUST live in either the Bronx or Manhattan to participate. If you are interested in participating please leave the following information and I will call you if you qualify.  If you do not leave this info, I WILL NOT CONSIDER YOU for the group.  The last Mock trial I posted very few people left their full info and therefore did not get contacted.

PS - You can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have participated in a Mock Trial Before.

Please email the following to

Leave your

Borough you live in and can show ID for
Have you ever done a Mock Trial Before?
Contact Number"

Good Luck Everyone! 

30 Day Blogging Consistency Challenge

If you're on social media then you had to have noticed all the "30 day challenges lately. Especially on Instagram. 

30 Days to a Stronger You Challenge
30 Day Mindset Challenges
30 Day Love Yourself Challenge
30 Day Hair Care Challenge

Oh and the list goes on! 

I can't stand it. I know it has a lot to do with building a habit of consistency (something I'm desperately lacking).  But geesh is there a different way we can come about building this needed habit? 

I'm really being a pain, because today marks day 30 of the "30 Day Blogging Consistency" challenege I've been on.

But you say Britt, if you hate it so much why did you go on the challenge.

Becaus. I've been trying to be better about blogging. I went in this challenge blindly and I fell hard. 

Here is where I went wrong: 

  1.  Lack of planning
    I wish I took a day to brainstorm a list of at least 5-10 topics to blog about. Just thinking of topics at 11 am for a post that is due at noon is no bueno.  Having a running list of topics would have saved me so much time and headache. 
  2. Worrying about pretty pictures
    I'm a slight perfectionist. I want my blog post to look pretty before hitting publish. Taking the time to find the "right" photo took me about 30 minutes to an hour (ridiculous) and then it took me another 30 minutes to edit it to fit the style of my blog. 
  3. Not posting on time
    This was a big disappointment for me. I am a stickler about time and being punctual and I just could not get this one right.

I fell off my challenge more then I am happy to admit. So where do I go from here? 

I plan to take off this Sunday to restructure how and when I post. I really like that my blog has grown over the last 30 days and I want to continue to see that growth.  Instead of making daily post I think I will be posting 3 days per week. Two during the week and one couponing post on the weekends. This way I can be consistent, see growth in my blog and focus on or quality content.

I hope you continue to join me as I offer up tips about making money via side hustles, actor tips, web series tips anything else that evolves my life.

Go The Extra Mile

As actors we work on free projects for several reasons, mainly to get experience and to "pay our dues". We might get feed & after begging and pleading we may even get a copy of the work for our reel (please let the sound and quality be decent).

 It is too much to ask you all to go the extra mile and apply for the New Media SAG-AFTRA contract? If your film, web series or short is going to be online for the world to see go ahead the SAG-AFTRA New Media contract is just right for you.

It's free to apply.
SAG staff can even walk you through the process.

You all know how important it is for us to get those 3 waivers.  They are like golden tickets! We work hard to bring your projects to life so please do us a favor and go the extra mile, apply! 

Headshot Advice for Actors of Color

I decided I wanted to truly pursue acting in my last semester of college. I jumped online and Googled "How to start acting". I'm not exactly sure what website I went to be after some quick research I found out that I needed headshots aka an actor's business card. 

So, that can not be hard, right? You take nice photos with any professional photographer and you're in business. 

LOL. Not so easy!

You see, my first headshots were a complete mess. I naively trusted the wrong person with my appearance and I did not realize it until about a year after I had been marketing them around the industry. Now that I have been in the business of acting for about 4 years and have had my headshots taken by 4 different photographers I have learned a thing or two when it comes to creating the look you want.

My first headshot

My first headshot

  1. Check the photographer's portfolio
    I took my first headshot when I was 19 or 20. If you look at the photo you would think I'm much older. This photographer was the sweetest lady ever but after looking at her portfolio of black & white headshots (no one uses those anymore or even back then) I should have realized I wasn't her typical clientele. 
  2. Get a make up artist you can trust
    The photographer was an older white female who decided she wanted to "bring out my eyes" enhance the crazy looking eye shadow. Yup, the older white lady with the black & white headshots did my makeup (I know, I know I was so stupid to trust her).  I never really wore makeup back then so whatever someone did I instantly thought it was okay. As you can see it was NOT! Go to the makeup container in the mall and ask a real makeup artist to show you how to create the look you want or if your not comfortable with doing it yourself, hire a makeup artist to come with you to the shoot or have them apply the makeup for you before taking your photos. 
  3. Always go in with a clear vision/look in mind
    This tip is extremely important. Looking at my first headshot I don't know what role I could possibly  be going for. Definitely not commercials or roles in my age group. Think of the type of roles do you want to book. If you want commercials work with a clean white background. Dramatics? Don't smile to much. If you see

If your an actor what beginner mistakes have you made?  

I told you my headshots have got better over time with trail and error!

$1000 Survey?

Yesterday I got a call to do a $40 taste survey. When I arrived there was a ton of people in the waiting room. Personally, I have never seen it this way before at this particular location. 

I signed in and stand out in the overflowing hallway. 

I didn't mind because as I told you back in my post "Make More From Your Side Hustle " I love spotting out and talking to participants who are regulars. 

It wasn't long before someone came up to me and started a small conversation about how crowded it was. I agreed and proceeded with my all time information seeking question

"Do you do these often?" 
"Yes" he said in a low and stand offish tone. 

I  assured him he had nothing to worry about. I didn't work for the company and that there was no way I would be competing with him. 

"I'm a black, 20 something year old female there is now way we would be competing for a survey since they pick via gender, age, race and whole bunch of other things." 

He laughed and released a company that I have never heard of and said he once walked out of a survey $1000 richer.

What?? Are you serious?

 As soon as he said that, like luck would have it he was called in to take his survey. I couldn't ask follow up questions or anything. I googled the name and came up with nothing. 

Had I heard him wrong? 

Possibly since he was whispering like we were being spied on. 

Was he lying?

Possibly, but for what reason?

I'm determined to fiigure it out. I will continue to do my research and report back to you on a later date. 


Hard Part of Creating Your Own Work

I followed the lead of the awesomely talented and funny Issa Rae. She is the creator, actress and producer of the hit web series "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" I started watching her series and it snowballed into so many others, inspiring me to create my own. 

Check out season 1 here - "Coming Home"

We as viewers or consumers only see the finished product, polished, edited and score add. The back end is often messy and chaotic. Completely different from how I thought it was going to go down. 

You see, here's the thing, I don't want to scare you all out of creating your own work. But I have to share with you about how the month of August went down. 

My business partner Duane and I wrote season 2 in early July. 
We had a table read in late July with the cast. 
We told the cast we wanted to film the entire season in one - two weeks tops. 
We took into account everyone going on summer vacation, work etc. With all that in place we still was able to schedule the shoots to be completed in 2 weeks. 
We had a release date in mind for August 28. Premiere party and all.

Simple right? 

Nope, we had actors call out at the last minute. Locations falling through after confirmation, smaller scenes took later than expected, nearly 2 weeks of no filming, arguments with Duane and I about how scenes should go and the list goes on. 

Again, I don't want to scare  you I want to enlighten you on the roller-coaster ride creating your own work brings you on. Lots of ups and down. 

Roll with the punches, see where you can get the most out of your time and fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

I was recently interviewed by SaluteTv and I talk a bit about the struggles of creating your own work. Check it out below.

Additional Money Makers

Yes! I have more side hustles for you all! The following list of programs is a little more difficult to get into. There are very specific requirements to get into these programs but the payoff is pretty nice!

Here are 5 Additional Money Makers:

  1. Standardized Patient Program - You are trained to portray the personal history, physical symptoms, emotional characteristics and everyday concerns of an actual patient for new doctors. Most Patient Programs are held by medical schools, so you should Google the medical school nearest you. Program's typically pay $15-$20 per hour. This is not a regular job you are called in on a semi - per diam bases. I have a number of friends who are apart of programs like this and they say they love it!
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program - If you have a blog, YouTube page or a decent following on social media apply to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Mention the products or equipment you use in your videos, on your blog and/or on social media and link them to your Amazon store. Equipment you would link: camera, microphone, makeup (beauty bloggers), phone etc. Payment varies per item sold.
  3. - This side hustle is great for YouTubers & Bloggers with bigger followings (1000+ subscribers). Companies like, Shoedazzle etc send you products via and you as the YouTuber/Blogger create a video promoting their items. The company pays you for it + you keep the product or service. 
  4. Arbitron /Nielsen Rating- This side hustle is one of the most difficult programs to get into. Aribitron which is now Nielsen is the ultimate ratings TV & radio company. Once you're in they will send you a small diary to track what you listen to on the radio or watch on TV. You send the diary back to them and you're paid monthly. Simple! 
  5. - Have you ever been in Costco or Sam's Club and received a sample of a new item on the market? Those people giving out samples typically do not work for the store they are hired outside to sell new products. Encore Nationwide is on of the many companies who hire out-going people to sell brand new products. If you're personable and a true sells person this side hustle is for you. 

The side hustles mentioned available are not jobs and will not paid your car note or mortgage they will paid a bill or two. 

How's the survey hunt going Britt?

In yesterday's blog "How to Make More From Your Side Hustle" I mentioned that my boyfriend and I would experiment how much money we could make in one day by taking online survey's.

Drumroll please.

$0. A big goose egg.

See what happen was I did not take in account that myself or my boyfriend may not be eligible for certain survey's or that there would be no survey's available. Because I don't take survey's often (possibly once a year) I was only registered with a handful of companies. 

So what is a girl and her guy to do? Find other companis to do survey's. 

Simple right?

Well....not so much. 

Here's the thing, survery companies come with a high level of spammy websites looking to get your information. I spent hours sifting through websites with pop-ups after pop-ups, sign-up forms after sign-up forms. After reading a boatload of comments on Twitter and other articles I found a handful of reputable sites that either offer cash via PayPal or points that can be redeemed for gifts. I'm beta testing this all out before I post to give my honest opinion and results. 

What makes a site reputable? Here are my top 3 factors: 

  1. No Pop-ups - If your old enough do you remember using the internet in the late 90s early 2000s when flashy pop-up ads dominated a large part of your screen. If I click on a site that has no pop-ups or flashing ads I will stay longer and continue my investigation. 
  2. They don't advertise things not related to surveys. To me this is a clear indication that the company is out to get your information if they are advertising non survey related services or products.
  3. Check their online reputation. People will talk, look for comments under blog post or articles, on social media and review sites. 

Weekends Are For Coupons

Don't fear I have not fell off my "30 Day Consistency Challenge". Ben of and I are posting everyday even, on the weekends. However, I will be dedicating my weekend post to couponing. 

Why, you might ask? 

Because, weekends are made for couponers! Less dramatic, 90% of the store sales end on Saturday and beginning on Sunday.

So if you're interested in couponing and/or you missed my weekend post click HERE