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BIO: What can I say about me? Besides the typical actor stuff like I'm passionate, driven and chasing my dreams, all of which are true, I will say I'm a ball of fun! I'm a Gemini and Gemini’s are NEVER boring (Wikipedia said it not me). I love to learn new and exciting things. Most recently, I've taken up a love for bar-tending and am now a certified T.I.P.S Bartender (Yay me!) I know so many random Snapple facts and a little bit about everything it's not even funny. I'm also a couponer! I love saving money on everyday items. Check out out my shopping hauls.

So your probably wondering about my upbringing and how acting ties in. Well, I started acting with my sister in a library to keep from dying of boredom. Yes boredom! My Grandmother would make my sister and I go to the library for hours on Saturday. I would take all the plays that I could read and split the parts up between my sister and I. When I got to middle school I had an option to choose Theatrical Chorus or Band. Of course I choose the fun option, Theatrical Chorus! Since middle school I went on to graduate with high honors from Lehman College(Go Lighting Bugs!) with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts.I also have an Associates Degree in Microcomputer Applications, but shhh do not tell anyone I’m a nerd. Just like a true Gemini I love opposites things Theater & Computer Sciences!


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